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PanDher Trucking is your one-stop solution for quick on-road transportation. We are the most innovative, tech-friendly, and user-friendly platform offering a reliable and unbeatable experience.
Our corporate film shows PanDher’s global shipping activities emphasizing our worldwide services, high quality, and environmental standards along with our historical roots.

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Our Services


We value our clients, so we pack and store the...


Our cargo experts pack together with the transportation of goods....


 We take good care of your end-to-end warehousing and distribution...


Our D2D service is unique and effective. We ship the...


Our ground transport includes the traveling of goods by car,...
15 Offices Worldwide
97 Hardworking People
12 Countries Covered
25 Years of Experiences
Our commitment to

Our Customers

Gilbert Dan

Im glad that I chose you for my truck loading. I am happy with the quality of service and interface you offered me without any additional charges or damages to the product. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Ben Jonathan

Quick booking, safe packaging, smooth truck delivery, and door-to-door delivery without delay. Overall the best truckload company till now!

Rossella James Christine

Excellent service is offered by PanDher Trucking, and im mesmerized. They maintain hassle-free, on-time delivery at affordable price rates. Not only that, they include insurance assistance and take full guarantee of the product safety. Would look after PanDher again.

Tali Hasan Seikh

I'm extremely happy with PanDher Trucking's service, support, and delivery process. No doubt they take good care of your products and offer a smooth and on-time delivery. I recommend everyone to choose PanDher Trucking service for any transport needs.